Tuesday, 5 February 2013

History, Emblem, Label And Mission Of Swiss Army Watches

If you are looking for modern, durable and trendy timepieces, then Swiss Army watches can be your choice. A lot of men and women in today’s world dream of owning a Victorinox Swiss Army luxury watch. Here let us discuss about the history of Victorinox Swiss Army, its mission as a watch brand and the watch brand’s label and emblem.
As far as the history of Victorinox Swiss Army is concerned, the brand is originally known for its popular knives. Later, the brand started to manufacture watches for people with the acquisition of Wenger, the official supplier of Swiss Army knife and the manufacturer of rugged and stylish men and women’s wristwatches, in 2005.

Victorinox’s famous emblem is a cross in the shield. The company has used this emblem since 1909. Originally the company manufactured watches with only ‘Swiss Army’ on the dial but nowadays you can find another addition of word to Swiss Army. The new label is Victorinox Swiss Army and they to celebrate their prominence in business for more than 125 years have done this addition.

The mission of Victorinox Swiss Army watches is to produce practical, top-quality, reasonably priced and functional luxury watches. They make them with great precision, putting stress on the function with an attention to every minute detail.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Movado watches and its popular models

For a long time watches have been considered as stylish accessories. Different designer brands have been coming out in the market and catering to the varying tastes of the customers across the globe. Among the big names in the watch making industry you can choose to go for the Movado if you are looking for class and elegance. Movado watches is a Swiss luxury watch company that has been founded in the year 1881 by Achilles Ditesheim.

If you are planning to take a pick from the varied collections of Movado watches then you can consider a watch from the Red label collection. Red Label 0606284 is a stunning piece that has been designed for men. The automatic movement of the watch is absolutely accurate. The watch has a wonderful black dial. This timepiece comes with a water resistance feature. The watch has a sapphire crystal and size of the watch is 42 mm. It comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet.

The Rava collection is most unique in the ladies watch collection of Movado watches. Rava 0605971 is a stunning piece and is brilliantly designed for ladies. The battery movement is of the most accurate sort. It comes with an appealing black dial and has a water resistance feature of up to 100 feet. The timepiece comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a stainless steel case material and bracelet. It also comes with a jewelry clasp and a push in crown.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Two Most Sought-After Movado Watches

Are you looking for a fashion accessory? What about watches? They have become one of the most fashionable and stylish fashion accessories nowadays. Different designer brands are coming up in the market manufacturing varying styles of watches thereby catering to the various tastes of the customers all over the world. Among the big names in the watch making industry, the name of Movado watches surely comes in the list. Movado is Swiss luxury watch company that manufactures classy and elegant timepieces since 1881. Achilles Ditesheim is the founder of the brand.

An endless collection of Movado watches is available in the online shops. The brand manufactures timepieces for both men and women. Among the varied collections available, Red label for men is the most popular. It is the 0606284 model that men crave for. It is stunning piece specifically designed and manufactured for men. It has an automatic movement and comes in a black dial with water resistant feature. The watch even has a sapphire crystal and its size is 42 mm. It comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet.

When it comes to ladies watch collection, it is the Rava that has gained huge popularity. Its 0605971 model has become all the more famous among ladies. The watch comes with a battery movement and has the most appealing black dial with a water resistant feature of up to 100 feet. The timepiece even comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a stainless steel case material and bracelet. It also comes with a jewelry clasp and a push in crown.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The master pieces from Bulova watches

The legendary timepieces from Bulova watches are admired by millions of people all across the world. All the timepieces are hand crafted by skilled craftsmen who make use of finest materials to make these watches. Since 1990s Bulova has been the creator of these magnificent timepieces which are known for their precision and unique designing. Bulova is considered to be the pioneers in creating wrist watches. Before the invention of wrist watches from Bulova, maximum people on earth made use of pocket watches to maintain time. Bulova started the journey by creating precise, beautiful and accurate wristwatches.

Bulova watches have unique designs and personify sophistication and class. Each timepiece from the Bulova Watch Company makes use of novel designs and advanced technologies. Each of the watch speaks volume of elegance and grace. The Company till date follows the footsteps of its inventor Mr. Joseph Bulova. These watches are designed specifically for both men and women and make use of rich metals and designs. The high quality mechanisms, the contemporary styles make these watches perfect for the individuals who believe in perfection. These exclusive timepieces work for several hours and have a great battery backup.

The timepieces from Bulova are hugely famous in the US due to their beautiful exteriors and superb interiors. The advanced technology used in these timepieces make them highly functional. The Sports watches from Bulova are equipped with Caravelle Chronograph. These sports watches are water resistant as well as well suited for daily wear. The Casual watches from Bulova are decorated with blue dials. These Bulova watches include a calendar and are crafted with stainless steel. The Professional watches have a distinguishing look and are made decorated with diamonds as the hour markers. They have a 24 hour sundial which is made up of black enamel and come with silver tone hands.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The distinguished style of Ball watches

Amongst the numerous watch companies that popular in the watch making industry, the Ball Watch Company is known as the manufacturer of one of the most stylish and rugged timepieces of the world. It is one amongst the top class and the watch making companies in the world. The main aim of Ball Watches is to create accurate and high quality timepieces. The watches created from the company are not just high class but they also work well under adverse conditions. Their dedication to excellence and the high quality materials that they use make them the most sought after watch brands all across the world. The brand has strived to become one of the best watch making companies of the world.
The brand was established by Webster C Ball in Cleveland located in Ohio in the year 1891. The Ball Watch Company started as a small workshop that primarily manufactured watches in US. At that period of time, US used local hours to maintain time. After a few years when the standard time was established, Ball watches were the first brand to create watches that could give standard time. The timepieces from Ball enforced accuracy and each of the watches worked magic. For their accuracy, these timepieces were used in the railways and Ball was appointed as the Chief Inspector of the lines.
The Ball watches were mostly used by rail road workers. The accuracy and the precision of the timepieces were of the timepieces from Ball were the major reason behind the popularity of these timepieces. These watches till date continue to affect the railways. Most of the timepieces from Ball were designed in an American style and mainly focused on accuracy and quality. They are self powered and are legible even in the dark because of the gas lights. These watches are designed perfectly to resist shock and are also resistant to water.

Tissot Watch blends modernity with technology

Swiss watches have always been manufacturing high end timepieces. Amongst all the sophisticated Swiss watches, the timepieces from Tissot are combinations of fine taste and modern technology. The Tissot watch making company was founded in the year 1853 and till date is the favorite brand for many of the celebrities and watch lovers. The company has manufactured top notch watches since its establishment. The company has achieved a lot since its foundation. The Tissot watch popularizes the concept of touch screen technology which was found in laptops, ATMs and computers. The tissot watches are innovative and offer advanced features just at the fingertips of its users.

The Tissot watches have eight unique features which are all available on the sleek touch screen model. These features include altimeter, compass, alarm, chronograph, barometer, thermometer, time and date. All of the watches from the tissot are known for their accuracy and precision. These watches are available in huge varieties of collections and designs. The tissot Expert is designed for men who prefer classy and sophisticated watches. These watches are made from titanium and packed with many features such as barometer, LCD backlight, chronograph, compass, and altimeter. The tissot Sea touch model is specifically designed for scuba divers. These watches are highly resistant to water and are equipped with thermometers and other equipments which show depth.

The Tissot watches are designed for an adventurous lifestyle. The tissot standard model comes with patented touch screen dial and the eight features. These watches are available in various colors and come with polished dials made of titanium and 18k rose gold finishing. The trekking model is a futuristic model that is fully functional. All the tissot models are extremely durable and are highly resistant to corrosion and water.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Knowledge about Oris Watches

If you are thinking of purchasing Oris Watches, then it is better that you have some idea about the features and the quality of these watches. These watches are Swiss made and you can find both formal watches and beautiful dress watches in their collections. The Oris watch company has been creating classy timepieces for more than the last 100 years. The watches crafted by Oris are stylish, elegant and fashionable and will surely complement your attire. Here are a few more details about the popular brand Oris.


The Oris Watch Company is located in Holstein in Switzerland and was first established by Georges Christian and Paul Cattin in the year 1904. The ideas of Swiss horology and the technology of the advanced watch makers make Oris watches complete masterpieces. The precise timepieces and the beautiful designs make the brand highly popular. The company was named after the valley and the stream located near to Holstein, Switzerland. The company has been awarded with numerous awards and recognitions on account of the distinct timepieces. 

Most of the watches from Oris are designed to withstand adverse conditions. Oris watches have numerous collections that are based on sports, fashion and aviation industry. The timepieces from Oris are mainly different from the other Swiss watches that display date and time as the Oris timepieces have date pointers. Most of the timepieces made in Switzerland display the date in a date window on the dial of the watch. But in these timepieces, whenever the date changes the date pointer is used to show the date as in many other traditional watches. The dial of the watch makes use of two sets of numbers, one in an inner circle and another in form of an outer circle. The outer circle consists of the 31 days present in a month.