Friday, 24 August 2012

Michele Watches: Chic and fashionable

When it comes to fashion accessories, watches play an important role. A classy and sophisticated watch is a complement to your attire and classifies your personality and status even better. The Brand named Michele is a premium brand of fashion which is famous for its Michele watches that was established by Maurice Barouh in the year 1940 in Belgium. Maurice had the philosophy that a time piece is not just an instrument that expresses time but it is also way to express life. The company was named after Maurice’s son’s daughter. With the designing of innovative styles of watch, the company eventually flourished and was expanded to United States of America and was well known for its quality products and endless varieties in classic and contemporary collections.

Michele watches are known for their exclusive designs and their technologically advanced features. One of the most unique features of these watches is the ability to change their straps easily. Almost all the straps can be removed and new straps can be attached to give an entirely new and fresh look to the watches so that they match all your outfits. Michele’s presto system can be achieved with the help of pressing a button on both sides by turning over the watch and then release the straps. The wide varieties of the bands make these watches so much popular.

For those who want a classic look, Michele watches have a collection of metal bands which are made from stainless steel with a natural décor or can be plated with 18k rose gold or yellow gold. These watches are also available in black and white ceramics. These watches are adorned with precious gemstones like sapphires and emeralds. They can also be decked with diamonds to give a classy look. The watches have quartz timepieces which last longer than any other mechanisms. These watches are thus like heritages for watch lovers.


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