Thursday, 5 April 2012

Popular Styles Of Michele Watches

There are many brands in the watch market that have made a special place for them. Among them Michele watches is a leading brand. It has become famous only for a short time span but its history dates back to the year 1940. It is a family owned business for three generations. It was first established in Belgium. The brand has evolved from scratch. Earlier, it used to make watches of simple designs but with time it came out with highly acclaimed watch ranges such as CSX-Diamond Chronographs.

Most of the watches in this brand have a vibrant style that reflects fashion. There are more than hundreds of models, which you can come across in the market. You can choose to wear them as per the occasion and mood. There is a wide collection of Michele watches available in the market, some of which includes Urban, Ceramic, Deco, Tahitian, Caber and Butterfly.

The Butterfly from Michele watches is a rare collection. The stunning piece MWW04B000001 is brilliantly designed for ladies. The face comes with white enamel dial. It comes with diamonds, and stainless steel bracelet and casing. The watch also has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. You can definitely add this beautiful timepiece in your watch collection.

However, if you want to chuck the elegance and go in for something, which is more trendy and funky, then you can choose to go for the Carousel watches collection from Michele. The Michele Carousel MWW03M000089 has an extremely funky design. Young women who prefer to flaunt a sporty look can choose to go for this watch. It has a white enamel dial with scratch resistant sapphire crystal and yellow silicon strap.


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