Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Ball Watches And Its Special Features

Ball watches have become very popular in today’s world. These watches are water resistant and can withstand cold temperature conditions. Here in this blog we will discuss about each of these aspects separately.

After the watch is manufactured, it undergoes the water resistance test where the quality of Ball watches is tested by immersing the product in the distilled water that contains a wetting agent of 1% weight and under a prescribed atmospheric pressure. They are immersed in the water for about 5 minutes. The timepieces that pass the test don’t show any sign of leakage.

The water resistance power of these products varies from one collection to the other. The Conductor and Trainmaster collections start at 30m. The Fireman and Engineer collections are 100 meters. The collection of Engineer Master Ball timepieces’ water resistance power ranges from 100m-300m. The Engineer Hydrocarbon collection starts at 300m and rises up to 1,000m for limited edition Alligator. This collection also boasts a unique crown protection system to ensure further water resistance in the rough environments.

Being manufactured with special lubrication for expedition in South and North Poles, the Ball watches feature Swiss watch oils, which provide the timepieces an operating temperature range from –40--140°F. This feature allows Engineer Hydrocarbon to accomplish its promise as a partner for Ball Explorers in their activities in the most challenging environments of the world.

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